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The Bakery

It’s the warm, fresh smell of baked goods that will lead you to our bakery. You will find a wide selection of breads, pastries and desserts. We have items from all types of cuisine. Look for the "Baked In Store" stickers on the packages.

Besides stocking a fine selection of breads, cookies and deserts of every kind, our bakers make Ace Bakery Breads fresh in-store everyday, and we are happy to whip up a special order for you such a personal celebration cake to that special someone.

The Butcher

Come visit our Butcher when you’re planning that special BBQ, get-together or a healthy protein option for your family’s dinner. Many of Tremblett’s quality meats are cut or ground daily in the store.

AND, if you’re looking for something extra special, we’ll prepare tasty pre-assembled entrees, like marinated pork tenderloin filled with garden fresh asparagus, to save you time in the kitchen. “I’m proud of the quality and choice we make available at Tremblett’s. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to help you find it.”


Delicious cured meats from Europe, olives, spreads and toppings plus our exotic cheeses make our deli the source for all your adventurous meals. The most satisfying lunches begin at Tremblett’s Deli Counter.

Choose from a wide variety of deli meats, freshly sliced or shaved on the spot. Complement with the goodness of cheese – sharp cheddar, tangy Swiss, Brie, Havarti and the list goes on and on. Jazz up your wrap with pickled artichokes or pesto spread, our Deli is happy to make you a fresh, delicious sandwich while you wait!

If you’re taking home deli items for the whole family to enjoy, why not ask our Deli Manager. We always have new tastes to recommend.

Fish Market

Catch a meal over in our Fish Market. Salmon, Trout, Sushi, Lobster and so many more treasures of the sea. Discover our great selection of fresh fish and seafood from sustainable resources every time you visit us.

The daily, fresh seafood is sourced from the same suppliers as many specialty stores in the area and then offered at reasonable prices you’ve come to expect from Tremblett’s.


Can you smell the roses? Take time to at our floral desk.

Flowers when you want a gift, need your own wedding bouquets or a just because occasion; we have it all.

Come see what we offer from fresh cut arrangements, to plants and gifts. Let us provide you with stunning and creative designs.

Quality and selection are always available, at reasonable prices.

Garden Centre

Our seasonal garden centre is your source for vegetables, fruits, herbs plants and flowers. Let your imagination run wild as you shop for fresh, healthy and beautiful plants and garden accessories.

Ask our staff any questions you may have to help you get what you need to make your garden grow.

Health and Beauty

From head to toe we’ve got your health and beauty covered in our vast department of products and services you need.

Healthy matters are addressed with our great pharmacy team, products, supplements, vitamins and medicines.

Our health and beauty supplies are top quality from organic foods and special dietary needs to filling your prescription- we are a one-stop shop!

Joe Fresh Clothing

Always a fashion win, with cool, stylish and affordable clothing, and accessories. Joe Fresh is ready to wear clothing for your entire family. Great prices and trendy fashions keep you looking good while saving money.

To see all of Joe Fresh’s current line visit www.JoeFresh.ca

Meals To Go

A menu made for the hungry in mind! Meals for one, or a night off from cooking, we have you walking out with a plan. Prepared and warm home-made cooking to freshly tossed salads. Take home a meal tonight.

Grab lunch or dinner, making it easy for you is our thing.

Salad bar

Daily salads, with a variety of freshly chopped goodness. From Ceasar to Greek we have your favourites ready to go. Find seasonal fruit, breads and dip and many other delicious and healthy options. Don’t forget your dressing!


East meets West with our own in house Sushi Chef. No matter what you choose, it’s sure to be made with only fresh ingredients and sustainable seafood.

Such a healthy, quick meal you’ll find yourself back for more.

General Merchandise

We really are a one-stop shop. Find all your needs for the kitchen and home in our many different departments. Books, stationary, cleaning supplies, home décor and appliances are all examples of what accompanies our food aisles.

If you can’t find what you need our staff will be happy to lead the way.

Customer Service

Always know that we have an open door for you. We value your compliments and concerns. Find us for any needs you have and we will be happy to meet you.

Find us in the front entrance of the store and expect the best!

Who Are We

Tremblett’s is proud to be serving the Ingersoll community. Tremblett’s Your Independent Grocer is the only owner/operated supermarket in the area. Owners Rob and Jessi are proud to offer a complete line of President’s Choice and ACE Bakery products along with all the quality brands you expect to find at a full-service, neighbourhood grocer.

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  • Lynette LeGoff Schnarr

    I personally think this store is very well kept! The staff for the most part is friendly! I can find someone if I need help. LOVE the big selection of joe fresh clothing!!!

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