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Watermelon Refresher

Cool down your guests with this surprisingly pink, thirst-quenching drink. It makes a nice switch up for the kids’ lemonade stand, too!

  • Serves : 8
  • Dish Type : Beverages
  • Preparation : Chill
  • Ready In : Under 5 Minutes
  • Skill Level : Easy

Silky Smooth Pumpkin Pie

Whether you love it or hate it, at least a handful of dinner guests at Thanksgiving will expect pumpkin pie for dessert. Give the people what they want with this perfectly-spiced, creamy version. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream, if desired.

  • Serves : 8
  • Topics : Pumpkin
  • Dish Type : Desserts
  • Preparation : Bake
  • Skill Level : Intermediate
  • Ready In : 60 Minutes
  • Season : Fall , Spring , Summer , Winter
  • Occasion : Thanksgiving
  • Main Ingredient : Cheese/Dairy , Vegetables

Apple Butter Tartlets

Little tartlets filled with apple butter and topped with sweetened whipped cream make a perfect two-bite dessert. We made the cream cheese pastry with our new gluten-free flour, so family and friends who choose to eat gluten-free can also enjoy them.

  • Serves : 48
  • Dish Type : Desserts
  • Ready In : Over 60 Minutes
  • Skill Level : Advanced
  • Content Type : Recipes

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Just like with an actual street hot dog, the sodium level makes this a very occasional indulgence. But when you do treat yourself, it’s delicious!

  • Serves : 4
  • Dish Type : Main
  • Skill Level : Easy
  • Ready In : 15 Minutes
  • Season : Spring , Summer
  • Meal : Dinner
  • Main Ingredient : Beef/Veal , Vegetables

Who Are We

Tremblett’s is proud to be serving the Ingersoll community. Tremblett’s Your Independent Grocer is the only owner/operated supermarket in the area. Owners Rob and Jessi are proud to offer a complete line of President’s Choice and ACE Bakery products along with all the quality brands you expect to find at a full-service, neighbourhood grocer.

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  • Lynette LeGoff Schnarr

    I personally think this store is very well kept! The staff for the most part is friendly! I can find someone if I need help. LOVE the big selection of joe fresh clothing!!!

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