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10 Nutrition Tips for the Everyday Athlete

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just dedicated to working out, performing at your athletic best starts with good nutrition. 

  1. Healthy eating is a balancing act. Aim to have 3 out of the 4 food groups at every meal and a combination of fibre and protein for snacks.
  2. Stabilize energy levels throughout the day by eating either a balanced meal or snack every 2-3 hours.
  3. A well-balanced diet provides all your recommended vitamins and minerals. Always try to choose food over supplements.
  4. No time for a fresh snack? Fuel up with a nutrition bar that provides 10 g of protein, 4 g of fibre and 8 g of sugar.
  5. Iron is critical for helping the body use and carry oxygen to active muscles. Maintain your intake with foods like meat and poultry, along with meat alternatives such as black beans, lentils, tofu, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.
  6. Consume protein within 1 hour post-workout to help repair working muscles. Try 1 small can of tuna, ½ cup edamame or 2 large hard-boiled eggs.
  7. Adults need about 9-12 cups of fluids every day, but very active individuals may need more to replace fluids lost through sweating.
  8. Avoid soft drinks, juice or energy drinks during exercise. They may cause stomach upset and cause performance to suffer.
  9. Working out for over an hour? Make your own sports drink by mixing 500 mL water with 500 mL 100% orange juice and ½ tsp salt.
  10. Fatigue is often a sign of dehydration. Think about whether you’re meeting your daily water intake before resorting to a caffeine boost with coffee.

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    I personally think this store is very well kept! The staff for the most part is friendly! I can find someone if I need help. LOVE the big selection of joe fresh clothing!!!

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